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Dancing can help develop essential life skills. Not just for children but dancing can provide learning and performing opportunities for children and adult.

De Dance Academy offers Ballroom & Latin Dance, Street & Kpop Dance
Kids Class, Examination & Competitive Class
Show & Performances



If you wish to enjoy life and get away from its troubles, you may want to enroll in dance classes. In this way, you can have mental refreshment and relaxation.



Dance for relaxation, endurance, exercise or entertainment, dancing truly is fun and exciting. If you wish to learn more about professional dancing, you may enroll in our dance studio.



If you wish to enjoy life and get away from its troubles, you may want to enroll in dance classes. In this way, you can have mental refreshment and relaxation.



Dance classes can help encourage friendships that are also great for improving mood and mental health. There are actually more interesting benefits that dancing can do to a person.


What Our Clients Say

Our customers are our biggest assets.  Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our services!

“I have been with De Dance Academy since February 2013 to learn dancing and stage performances for beauty pageant competitions. Teacher John Lee is a compassionate and patient coach. He nurtures and groom me to be more confidence in dancing as well as improve my stage presentation skills. I always love dancing and I select dancing as a form of exercise. I am very pleased that dancing enables me keep my body healthy, fit and stunning for the red carpet events.

Ms Katherine Ang

“I started my dancing journey with De Dance Academy since November 2005. I took up competitive Latin ballroom dancing as a method to keep my body active and fit. Teacher John, my Latin Dance Teacher is always patience and supportive of my continual growth. Teacher John offers motivation and positive affirmations. Even I am in the senior category, Teacher John never give up on me and always provide his unconditional guidance and given me many opportunities to performance and excel at my dancing. Dancing is my passion, dancing make me feel confidence and young. Thank you De Dance Academy.”

Ms. MH Wong

“I have been learning Latin ballroom dancing in De Dance Academy since July 2016. My dance coach, Mr. John Lee is a very talented, humble and patience individual. My body posture and dancing have improved tremendously. My major improvement would be my confidence level as I am also fortunate to be able to participate in several ballroom competitions locally and abroad. De Dance Academy have successfully created a positive and nurturing environment for me to improve my physical and mental well-being. Thank you De Dance Academy and Teacher John Lee.

Ms. Anna Lim

“Enrolled my daughter mid 2018. Less than a year she had progress so well. Thanks to the great guidance from the dedicated Masters who thought and groomed her very well. Many opportunities, exposure provided for kids growth in their dance talents and skills e.g: performance, exams, competition. When you see the potential in your kids, don’t wait! De Dance Academy is the place for them. Thank you De Dance Academy.”

Ms. Melin

“In a year of being introduce Latin dance by De Dance  Academy to my lil girl, she had found her passion. Thank you to all  passionate instructor / coaches  who had help and contribute to my lil girl continuous her passion, and special thanks to Teacher John for seeing the potential in her and encourage her.She is very enjoy in the class and feel much confidence then before.”

Ms. Samantha Shan

“I started my dancing journey with De Dance Academy since October 2016. From the beginning until now, Teacher John never fails to be a dedicated and patience teacher. Teacher John is a flexible and agile coach. Teacher John is always keen to explore different methods to delivery his teaching that enables me to understand clearly and deliver the desired results. Most importantly, De Dance Academy’s students and friends are like my family. De Dance Academy family is always willing to share their experiences and encourage each other reach greater heights. I am happy to be part of De Dance Academy family.”

Ms. Hua Lee

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Our Awesome Team

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Mr. John Lee

Principal of De Dance Academy

WDC International Adjudicator

Ms. Winnie Chooi

Belly Dance Instructor

Belly Dance Adjudicator

Ms. Steffe Lee

Modelling and Grooming Instructor

Malaysian Female Model 

Mr. A

Dance Fitness Instructor

Dance Fitness Enthusiast


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De Dance Academy is a leading dance and development center with a special focus on dance and personal enrichment development. De Dance Academy has more than 10 years of expertise in dance choreography and artistic performances. Many of our customers have already benefit from our services and solution, like:

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Dancing can be a magnificent method of self-expression. Likewise, it can also be an effective, therapeutic and enjoyable method of acquiring ba better looking physique

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